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Reunion de Padres

January 30, 2015

8:30 A.M.

Topic: Flexible Learning Plan

30 de Enero 2015

8:30 A.M.

Tema: FLP 

NOTE: No PTO/Family Night on January 27, 2015 

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School Events
•  MST Experiment Results Due
Math and Science Kick Up a Storm
Pictured: Jasmine Jackson and Trinity Major from Mrs. Amanda Saratsiotis’ 4th grade class strike a pose with their weather charts and graphs.
The National Weather Service website was a treasure trove for students at Sumter County Elementary.  As a supplement to...

The Magic of Microscopes   
Sumter Elementary continues to embed technology into instructional practices!
Pictured:  Mic’Quavious P., Kailey G., Stephanie E., and Demarcus K. from Mrs. Jackson’s homeroom share a compound light microscope in order to observe a prepared slide.

Math and Science Kick Up a Storm   
The National Weather Service website was a treasure trove for students at Sumter County Elementary. As a supplement to the work...
Pictured:  Jasmine J. and Trinity M. from Mrs. Saratsiotis’ 4th grade class strike a pose with their weather charts and graphs.

A Classy Atti-tube About Science   
Classification systems of plants and animals are easily seen in everyday life. The pets we keep, the plants we grow, and the...
Pictured:  Chandler C., Phillip D., Andy K., and Ty’keria H. from Mrs. Strickland’s homeroom show off their celery from an experiment on vascular plants.

The Scoop on Soil   
Third graders at Sumter Elementary are studying rock and soil formation. In the Science Labs with Ms. Gerlach, each class conducts...
Pictured:  Jayden H., Fransisco N., and Shamiya B. from Mrs. Duke’s homeroom collaboratively measure water for their soil investigation.

Exploring Ecosystems   
Ecosystems were the focus in the SCES Science Lab as students reviewed the key elements that make up food webs. Students designed...
Pictured:  Kayvon, Broderick and Denarius from Mrs. James’ and Mrs. Carino’s class beam with pride over their ecosystem diagrams.

Georgia Wildlife Research   
Third grade students at Sumter Elementary have spent many weeks studying the regions of Georgia and the habitats found in our...
Pictured:  Jose and Cameron from Mrs. Wheeler’s class enjoy using the internet to research about various animals that live in regions of Georgia.

Grandparents are Great!   
SCES hosts Grandparent's Luncheon
Pictured: Madison Ingram enjoyed lunch with her grandfather, Arthur Ingram.

SCES Cell Models   
Students in Mrs. Laura Lloyd’s 5th grade Science class have been learning about the parts and functions of plant and animal...
SCES students learn about the functions of plant and animal cells.

The Georgia Reptile Society Visits SCES!   
The Muckalee Chapter of the Georgia Reptile Society visited the 5th graders at Sumter County Elementary School. The presenters,...
Pictured:  Timothy Page, Dakayvion Davis, Brianna Hawkins, and JaRhonda Pearmon talk with Mr. Jack as he teaches the students about his ball python.

Science Fair Preparation   
Students at Sumter Elementary are kicking off their time in the Science Lab with Ms. Laura Gerlach by learning more about the...

SCES Students Prepare for the Georgia Milestones Test   
Sumter County Elementary School students are preparing for a new testing system to replace the CRCT. The Georgia Milestones will...

SCES Students Pursuing Dreams   
Students in Ms. Keisha Hobbs’ 4th grade class at Sumter County Elementary have set goals for their future. Students are...

SCES students are Ready To Learn!   
At the SCES Open House, Mrs. Michael Duke presents Jaylen Deriso with a copy of Kids Learn! Getting Ready for 3rd Grade. All...
Mrs. Michael Duke and Jaylen Deriso

SCES Hosts Back to School PTO Bash   
Sumter County Elementary School was pleased to have a great turnout to the annual Back to School Bash Parent Teacher Organization...
Pictured: Mr. Jeremy Morgan meets with families during the Back to School Bash