School Events
•  Chorus Rehearsal (Grade 5)
Time: 2:20 PM
Recurrence: Weekly from 3/18/2014 to 4/28/2014
•  Chorus Rehearsal (Grade 3)
Time: 2:20 PM
Recurrence: Weekly from 3/19/2014 to 4/28/2014
•  Chorus Rehearsal (Grade 4)
Time: 2:20 PM
Recurrence: Weekly from 3/20/2014 to 4/28/2014
Sumter County Elementary School Dental Clinic
Back Row, Left to Right: Tommie Thompson, Junior Service League member, Dr. Ray Duke, and Dr. Lezley Anderson, Principal of SCES Middle Row, Left to Right: Christopher M., Corey W., Felicity W. Front Row, Left to Right: Leah M., Mackenzie P.
Third grade students at Sumter County Elementary School attended the Dental Clinic, sponsored by the Junior Service League of...

Machines Made Simple   
Students at Sumter County Elementary practice the scientific process in the Science Lab in preparation for the up-coming Math,...

SCES Push-Up Record Broken by Tyler Pritchard   
New school record set!
Tyler Pritchard, Grade 4

SCES Morning Show is Produced by Students   
A Great Way to Start Our Day!
Eleesa Gorbutt joins Dr. Lezley Anderson to anchor the news.

Math and Nature: Arrays in the Garden   
Mrs. Jessica Phillips and Ms. Keisha Hobbs’ Sumter County Elementary School students enjoyed spending their math class...
Students pictured: Chelsea R. and Javery P. model 7 x 5 by creating an array using 35 pinecones. Ms. Keisha Hobbs is pictured standing.

Scoping Out 5th Grade Science   
Letís get focused!
 Pictured:  Ashton C. and Mariela G.from Mrs. Amy Stricklandís homeroom use teamwork to magnify their specimen of a honeybee leg.

25 Books Campaign   
One Georgia Performance Standard in each academic area addresses Reading across the curriculum.  The standard states that: ...

We've Got Spirit - Do You?   
The Sumter County Elementary School Spirit Team is off to a fantastic start!

Ms. Gerlach visits the Georgia Governor's Mansion   
While the rest of the Sumter County School System’s teachers and staff were gearing up for a new school year on July 31st,...
Pictured: Laura Gerlach commemorates her time on the Governorís Education Advisory Board for Teachers by posing for a picture with Governor Deal and his wife, Sandra.

Learning Math with Games   
Math can be fun at Sumter County Elementary School!
Mrs. Daubenmire`s Class

Math meets Literacy at Sumter County Elementary   
In Ms. Keisha Hobbs’ 4th grade Math classes at Sumter County Elementary School, students are learning about rounding whole...
Pictured: Carissa M.

SCES Club Day Fun   
Club days at Sumter County Elementary School are fun and exciting.

Hats Off to Reading Day   
SCES Million Word Madness is off to a great start!
Back Row (L-R) Ke`Darrious E., Karyssa C., Aaron J., William H., Gerardo N., Carissa M. Front Row (L-R-) Ashton M., Keren M., Rebecca I., Frank D., Nicolas

SCES Science Lab Pets   
Students at Sumter County Elementary School have the unique opportunity to share the Science Lab with classroom pets. These pets...
Pictured:  Alex S., Emily F., McKinley M., Deangelo T., Alexandra P., and Selena S. are mesmerized by the mouse babies.

3rd Grade Interactive Habitats   
Sumter County Elementary School third graders from Ms. Melanie Zimmerman’s class investigate animal habitats using an online...
Pictured:  Jala H. and Francisco T. pause a moment to show their pride in conducting engaging research.