Amber DeLoach Staff Photo

I attended Georgia Southwestern State University. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2013. I have a B.S. in Special Education General Curriculum and Reading P-5. I am certified in Early Childhood Education.


I remember quite well the desire to be a teacher, lining up my stuffed students and handing out stacks of assignments, always making sure to use my pointer and bold red ink pen to mark big one hundreds with a smile embedded in its zeros. I have realized that dream here at Sarah Cobb Elementary. I believe that a teacher is one that broadens student access to the world through knowledge. It is because of this that I aspired to teach. I wanted to be a part of teaching a child to imagine the possibilities before them and instill in them an aspiration and love for learning. 

I feel a great joy in watching children learn, watching their eyes light up upon discovery of something new and exciting, watching them make a mistake and learning to correct themselves. I am always just as thrilled as they when the task is completed and the job is finished, bursting with pride because I had a role in their accomplishment. 

I have devoted my life to my three children and family, which has been a great blessing. It is because of that great opportunity that I realized children are our heritage, they are the future leaders of the world and it is our duty as parents and teachers to guide them in the right direction.