Priscilla Floyd Staff Photo

I graduated from Bainbridge College with an Associates of Arts degree in Pre-nursing in 1983. After working 23 years with Kentucky Fried Chicken, I decided to go back and get my Bachelors Degree in Special Education. In  2007 I got my Masters and 2010 my Specialist Degree all from Georgia Southwestern State University. With times changing and new laws being implemented, I try to continue getting information that will make me more effective in the classroom. I have a true passion for teaching therefore I'm always seeking ideas to better serve the students.


I have been teaching since 2003. I believe that all students are important and deserve the chance to learn. I was the local coordinator for Special Olympics for ten years and was able to take four groups of students to the state games. I love working with the PTO and Relay for Life committees.

I managed a fast food restaurant for 23 years and I've always prided myself in doing my best on the job. Teaching is more than a job for me. I learn from the staff and students things that are just not found in text books. I love being a part of a caring, committed, community of people working together for one common good... our students!


I was born  in Bainbridge, Georgia. I have seven brothers and four sisters. My mother passed in 1990 but my father is well in Bainbridge.

I am widowed now but still cherish the memories of my husband Tommy Floyd. I gave birth to two children, but am blessed to be mother of seven. I love being with my grandchildren and going on vacations.

I am active in my church and I try to live my personal ministry every day.

I feel that teaching requires building relationships with not only the students but with he families of these students as well.

I'm always open to new ideas and new concepts to help better do what I'm fortunate enough to do and that is move students to another level of success.